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3g Selling Delivers Webinar on the Keys to Successful Virtual Learning
"A Journey from the Physical Training Event to Live Virtual Learning Experiences"

SANTA ROSA, CA (December 10, 2009) — Today, 3g Selling™ delivered a webinar to an international audience of CLOs, L&D managers, sales managers and other virtual learning thought leaders. The webinar, entitled "A Journey from the Physical Training Event to Live Virtual Learning Experiences," is a variation on a live presentation that Martyn Lewis, Principal at 3g Selling™, delivered last month at the Learning 2009 conference in Orlando, Florida. The webinar centered on the challenges and opportunities L&D departments face as they consider moving away from a physical classroom training model and implementing virtual training solutions for their organizations' employees.

3g Selling™ has emerged as a premier provider of live, instructor-led virtual sales training programs for sales organizations. In its pursuit to develop a better class of virtual training for its clients, 3g Selling™ has gleaned invaluable insights about the strengths and perceived weaknesses of this evolving—and in many ways, still emerging—medium. 3g Selling’s™ goal was to share these insights with webinar attendees.

Over the past 15 years, Lewis has architected sales training programs for an impressive list of clients, including HP, Cisco and Oracle. These programs have reached 45,000-plus sales professionals in 35 countries and in 9 different languages. He is a recognized expert and a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of sales training, and specifically on how to create dynamic, engaging and results-oriented virtual learning experiences.

“There’s a stampede away from the physical classroom, and in that stampede the needs of the learner often get left in the dust” said Lewis. “For our clients, we offer live virtual sales training that does not simply mimic the physical classroom, but offers the learner a richer experience with more immediate and impactful learning outcomes. If webinar attendees take away just one key message from today’s session, I hope it’s that virtual learning is no longer a less effective alternative to the physical classroom.”

3g Selling™ has launched a microsite devoted to the webinar Here webinar attendees can find an audio-video recording of the webinar, as well as a copy of Lewis’ PowerPoint deck.