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3g Selling Expands Offerings in Live Virtual Training

Santa Rosa, CA (September 20, 2010) — 3g Selling™ announced today that it will be expanding its offerings in live virtual training beyond its original focus on sales training programs for sales professionals. 3GS will specialize in the design, development and delivery of highly effective live virtual training experiences —from on boarding to product training to highly specialized skill instruction, and everything in between—leveraging its expertise in live virtual training to design, develop and deliver customized training programs using its innovative Integrated Learning format and best-in-class live virtual delivery style.

Since the launch of 3g Selling in April 2009, the company has quickly been become a recognized thought-leader in the area of live virtual training. 3g Selling has experienced unprecedented growth as an outsource provider in the design, development and delivery of high-impact, interactive sales training programs for global audiences at Fortune 500 customers like Cisco, Oracle, HP and Pulte Homes.

Of great appeal in today’s economic climate is 3GS’s ability to create training programs in a format that dramatically reduces time out of the field for participants while eliminating all travel-related costs—which typically represent 40% of an organization’s total training investment. That said, the economic benefits associated with virtual training represent just one aspect of the value of 3GS’s innovative approach. 3GS  brings an innovative and highly effective approach to the design, development and delivery of live virtual training programs that enables our customers to achieve results that are actually superior to those they typically see with traditional, physical classroom training.

The key to 3GS’s success in the virtual classroom includes its unique approach to developing programs that integrate learning with on the job application, peer collaboration and coaching. 3GS combines this style of program design—what the company calls “Integrated Learning”—with the seamless integration of dialogue, peer collaboration, coaching and a media-rich production style to ensure a successful learning program. 
Having invested well over $1 million in state-of-the-art production studios, training capacity and training capability, 3GS offers the live virtual training infrastructure and expertise in program design, development and delivery its customers need to achieve their training goals.

3GS partners with its customers to leverage their existing resources to provide a one-stop approach to the design, development and delivery of a richer learning experience that will have an immediate and enduring impact on employee performance.

About 3g Selling

Solve the training challenge! 3g Selling™ is an innovator in the delivery of live virtual sales training experiences. Our approach fuses the dynamic interaction of physical classroom training, the convenience, reach and value of virtual learning, and the engaging production style of broadcast media. The end result is a richer learning experience with a more immediate and enduring impact on sales performance. Plus there are no travel costs. No more time out of the field. And no more complaints about training programs that go nowhere.