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3g Selling Opens New State-of-the-Art Production Studios in Walnut Creek, CA

Santa Rosa, CA (May 31, 2010) — 3g Selling™, an innovator in thedevelopment and delivery of live virtual sales training experiences, recently opened two new state-of-the-art production studios in Walnut Creek, CA.

Adding to 3g Selling’s existing production studio in Santa Rosa, CA, the two new studios effectively triple the company’s capacity to deliver sales training programs for its growing roster of clients. 3g Selling™ can now coordinate and seamlessly deliver up to 170 sessions per week on multiple sales training topics.

All of 3g Selling’s production studios, which are modeled on production studios for commercial radio broadcasting, are engineered for maximum quality, reliability, and delivery impact. Some of the features of the 3g Selling™ production studios include:

  • Backup redundancies for power, Internet connectivity and phone lines
  • A clear “line of sight” for all on-air presenters (to promote collaboration)
  • Sound-proofing to eliminate outside noise
  • Noise-cancelling broadcast-quality microphones
  • A voice spectrum analyzer to help presenters modulate their voices for maximum audience engagement


“For any 3g Selling sales training program, the quality and reliability of the production itself are incredibly important to us and our clients,” said Martyn Lewis, Principal at 3g Selling. “In the world of online sales training, we’ve moved ‘live virtual’ delivery forward by a huge leap and the successful execution of this kind of sophisticated programming depends on a state-of-the-art production studio. It’s definitely part of our ‘secret sauce.’”

Each 3g Selling™ sales training program is broadcast by a team of three on-air presenters, including a host, a sales training subject matter expert (SME) and a producer. To maximize the production capacity of the studios, the company continues to add talented staff who come from the sales training, broadcast media and technical production fields.

“3g Selling has grown by leaps and bounds since we launched in the spring of 2009,” said Lewis. “We’ve always know that we had compelling content for our sales training programs, but we wanted our expanding client base to know that we could deliver our programs reliably—at any time—to a global audience, while seamlessly integrating dialogue, peer-to-peer collaboration and multimedia content. Our three production studios are set up to give us that kind of power and flexibility. And at the end of the day, we invest in this kind of sophisticated production technology because we don’t want the technology to become a distraction to program participants. We can now offer our clients dynamic, engaging programs with a greatly reduced chance of distracting background noise, dropped connections or platform compatibility issues. That’s a huge breakthrough for companies like us that are doing live virtual training.”

About 3g Selling

Solve the training challenge! 3g Selling™ is an innovator in the delivery of live virtual sales training experiences. Our approach fuses the dynamic interaction of physical classroom training, the convenience, reach and value of virtual learning, and the engaging production style of broadcast media. The end result is a richer learning experience with a more immediate and enduring impact on sales performance. Plus there are no travel costs. No more time out of the field. And no more complaints about training programs that go nowhere.