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3g Selling Promotes Its “Live Virtual” Sales Training Classroom at the ASTD 2010 International Conference & Exposition

Chicago, IL (May 16, 2010) — 3g Selling, an innovator in the development and delivery of live virtual sales training experiences, arrived today in Chicago for the ASTD 2010 International Conference & Exposition, which is being held at McCormick Place from May 16-19, 2010.

3g Selling is sponsoring this marquee event of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). While the company’s business is focused specifically on sales training, Martyn Lewis and Beverly Lock, both founding Principals at 3g Selling, are at the event to share a broader message about the power of the “live virtual” classroom. 3g Selling’s sales training programs are delivered live over the web in a dynamic style that leverages production techniques from broadcast media. Program participants experience a content-rich learning environment that includes:

  • Real-time sales mentoring by veteran sales training experts
  • High program production values
  • Multimedia content, including video, audio and animation
  • Applied work assignments that integrate learning, coaching and on-the-job application
  • Advanced sales approaches and tools based on 3g Selling’s proven sales methodology, called Third Generation Selling


In addition to exhibiting on the EXPO floor (booth #832), Lewis is slated to lead an exclusive breakout session for conference attendees on Monday, May 17. The session, entitled "Innovating the Virtual Classroom: New Strategies to Engage, Motivate and Inspire,” will explore how to harness the potential of the live virtual classroom to create a richer learning experience with a more immediate and enduring impact on the learner’s performance.

3g Breakout Session Details 
Innovating the Virtual Classroom: New Strategies to Engage, Motivate and Inspire 
VIP Room #3 (on the Expo Floor) 
Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Timeslots Available:

  • Session 1: 9:30-10:30 a.m.
  • Session 2: 11:00 a.m.-noon
  • Session 3: 1:00-2:00 p.m.


"ASTD 2010 represents an incredible opportunity for training decision-makers to convene, discuss industry trends and timely issues, and experience new solutions being developed by innovative training companies like 3g Selling," said Lewis. "Based on the successes we’ve had with our own clients, we firmly believe that virtual learning is done playing second fiddle to the physical classroom. By sharing our experiences and insights, we hope to demonstrate to attendees the power and potential of virtual learning. It isn't just about taking the same tired content and putting it on the Internet. We're on the cutting edge of an emerging medium, where the training programs resemble dynamic radio and television broadcasts more than they do the static e-learning modules of just a couple years ago. We believe organizations will be thrilled to hear that the right virtual training program can save them money, engage employees and achieve powerful results for the organization."

3g Selling™ has launched a microsite devoted to the event. Here attendees can find information and resources about the breakout session, as well as a follow-up webinar the company is planning for July 2010.

About 3g Selling

Solve the training challenge! 3g Selling™ is an innovator in the delivery of live virtual sales training experiences. Our approach fuses the dynamic interaction of physical classroom training, the convenience, reach and value of virtual learning, and the engaging production style of broadcast media. The end result is a richer learning experience with a more immediate and enduring impact on sales performance. Plus there are no travel costs. No more time out of the field. And no more complaints about training programs that go nowhere.