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Innovative Approach to Virtual Learning Yields Superior Results
Joint 3g Selling and Citrix Whitepaper Shows that Fortune 500 Companies Switch to Virtual As They Cut Costs and Increase Profits

January 3, 2011 (Santa Rosa, CA) – A new white paper coauthored by Citrix, a provider of virtual computing solutions, and 3g Selling, a pioneer in the live delivery of virtual sales training, demonstrates why many Fortune 500 companies are making the switch from physical to live virtual training of their sales teams. The white paper shows that leveraging live, instructor-led delivery on a virtual platform improves performance results not only in the short term but also long after the training has been completed.

Access the white paper here.

Combining 3g Selling’s expertise in virtual training design and delivery and Citrix’s expertise in virtual training platforms, this unique white paper offers L&D leaders a compelling case for embracing the virtual training classroom—with a focus on the crucial components of a truly effective live virtual training experience.

The white paper posits that the new generation of live virtual training offers organizations a wide range of benefits that go far beyond cost savings and convenience to include increased learner engagement, training results and business impact.

For example, in the white paper 3g Selling offers a case study of a major Fortune 500 company where the VP of sales trained his sales managers using 3g Selling. The results of this training program  included increased ROI; greater business impact; decreased time to program adoption; improved learner engagement and knowledge retention; increased rate of program adoption; elimination of travel costs; and reduction of man hours. 
Nearly all participants reported that the approaches and tools they learned in the program were relevant and applicable to their jobs. They also said the approach delivered by 3g Selling was different than anything they had ever experienced.

In the same training group, more than 80 percent of sales managers completed all work assignments. Within three months of starting the 3g Selling program, the company’s sales management team saw measurable and sustainable increases in average deal size, win ratio and velocity of deals through the buying-selling process. And the hybrid training program saved almost $60,000 in travel costs, even after taking the cost of 3g Selling’s package into account.

About 3g Selling

3g Selling is an innovator in results-driven, live delivery of sales training on virtual platforms. Clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses throughout the world. For more information on the company and the white paper, see