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Internationally Renowned Sales Strategist Appointed to ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers Advisory Committee
Martyn Lewis, founder of Market-Partners and 3g Selling, Adds Third Dimension to the Art and Science of Training a More Effective Sales Force

March 3, 2011 (Santa Rosa, CA) – ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers Advisory Committee today announced the appointment of Martyn Lewis, partner and founder of Market-Partners, consulting to Fortune 500 companies on organizational sales effectiveness, and 3g Selling, an innovator in the delivery of sales training over the Internet. Lewis brings experience not only as an entrepreneur and sales strategist, but also as a featured speaker at dozens of industry events as well as on television, radio, and the Internet. Most recently, Lewis spoke about best practices for delivering highly effective, live, virtual sales training at ASTD’s TechKnowledge Forum and also at Training 2011.

ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers Advisory Committee serves as a think tank of industry thought leaders and practitioners who volunteer to help ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers staff research and understand the challenges sales organizations are facing not only today but in the future. One if its primary goals is to set worldwide standards of excellence for sales training and development.

Mike Galvin, Manager of Sales Training Drivers, says, “We selected Martyn Lewis for several reasons, not least of which is his reputation as a leader in the field of sales training.  An outspoken advocate for innovation in sales training techniques and practices, Lewis has also cultivated a close relationship with broad sectors of the training industry as well as with Fortune 500 companies. We feel all these factors will help ASTD’s Sales Training Drivers more effectively attain its goals.”

Lewis remarks, “I am hoping that my appointment will add a new perspective to the committee’s thinking, given my experience with a broad range of sales forces. I’ve been fortunate to benefit from weekly conversations with a wide variety of people in the industry, from executives to sales managers and sales people. Add to that my own experience from selling in the trenches, then advancing to managing many sales teams and organizations.”

“In the end, what counts,” adds Lewis,” is the ability of our industry to anticipate and prepare for the challenges we face ahead. We can no longer rely on old approaches to training in what has become a brave new world using new technologies such as the Internet to provide real-time, virtual training.”

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