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Martyn Lewis of 3g Selling to Speak at 2010 HP Partner Conference

SANTA ROSA, CA (April 1, 2010) — 3g Selling™ announced today that Martyn Lewis, Principal will be a featured speaker at the HP Americas Partner Conference 2010 to be held on April 26-27, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The title of Lewis’ talk is “Managing the Business of Sales.” Geared toward senior executives, sales directors and sales managers at HP and its channel partners, “Managing the Business of Sales” will explore the evolving role of the sales manager in today’s sales organization. The session will focus specifically on strategies for coaching the sales team to develop a healthy sales pipeline that maximizes both short-term and long-term sales results.

HP invited Lewis to speak at its annual Partner Conference based on the successful launch in 2010 of two major 3g Selling™ sales training programs at the organization. Lewis’ talk will draw on content from 3g Selling’s™ Pipeline Management Program.

Market-Partners, Inc.—the parent company of 3g Selling™—has consulted with HP for the past 8 years around the organization’s sales strategy, process and pipeline management tools. In 2009, HP was ranked by SellingPower magazine as one of the 25 largest manufacturing sales organizations in the U.S. The 3g Selling™ sales training programs are expected to extend globally across HP’s sales organization.

“The HP Partner Conference offers us a prime opportunity to share the extensive sales consulting and sales training work we’ve done at HP with a broader audience both within and beyond the organization,” said Lewis. “The role of the sales manager has changed from high-powered sales rep to business manager and coach—and nowhere is this change felt more acutely than in effectively managing the sales pipeline. In our session, conference attendees will get a glimpse of how crucial sales management is to achieving results, and will learn strategies for making sound business decisions and coaching their sales teams for success.”