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Engaging the Sales management Team at Oracle | Success Stories | Customers

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Briefing Excerpt

With a sales management team who had mostly come up through the ranks, Scott Stoll, Vice President of Sales at Oracle, needed a custom sales management training program based on Oracle’s established sales and business leadership approaches. Due to operational challenges, Stoll was drawn to the idea of rolling out a live, web-based training program that would give his team the training they needed while keeping them in the field and completely eliminating travel-related costs.

Stoll asked 3GS to develop an expanded version of its Sales Management training program that would meet all of Oracle’s criteria for success. The resulting live virtual sales training program covered the critical topics of: 1) business planning; 2) pipeline planning and management; and 3) coaching and sales leadership.

While Stoll and the executive team at Oracle went into the planning process fully aware of both the strengths and limitations of web-based training, the results of the 3GS sales training program were a total success on all established criteria.

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