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Leveraging the Internet for Successful Sales Training

Session #FR103
Nicki Bouton, 3GS
Friday, January 27, 2012

Session Description

Today’s sales force is increasingly mobile and in need of more effective and convenient approaches to transformational training. As such, live, instructor-led virtual training is increasingly becoming a critical component of the organizational sales training strategy. This session will expose participants to virtual training best practices, strategies, and specific approaches that focus on increasing the motivation to learn and on more effective engagement of the sales audience. These techniques and approaches can then be incorporated into the participant’s own current or planned learning strategies and methods for their sales organization. The use of real-life case studies provides participants with specific examples of how these approaches have been applied in practice and demonstrates how they can be leveraged in the participant’s own environment as appropriate. In addition, participants will be introduced to a model that will help them to identify which training modalities are best-suited to common sales training requirements and objectives in support of an effective continuous learning environment.

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