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The Case for Live Virtual Training:
Weighing the Alternatives and Maximizing Your ROI

Joint Webcast with Citrix Online
Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks to all who attended the webcast. We hope that Martyn’s insights about maximizing the ROI of virtual training will help you and others in your organization to enhance the effectiveness of your web-based training programs.

If you'd like to provide feedback on the session or have other questions, please contact us at info@3gselling.com, or 888.243.0461.

Download the Deck

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Webcast Description

In this webcast presented by Citrix Online, you'll hear from Martyn Lewis—Principal and Founder of 3GS and a respected thought leader on live virtual training—as he delves into the hot topic of what it takes to maximize the ROI of virtual training.

Pushing beyond the usual discussion of travel-related cost savings and convenience, Martyn discusses the deeper issues that can make or break the success of any training program—whether physical or virtual—in today’s technology-enabled world.

Emphasizing practical application of virtual training best practices, the webinar will equip training decision-makers with:

  • The ROI model for live virtual training vs. physical classroom training
  • The critical difference between live and asynchronous virtual training, and how the chosen modality impacts ROI
  • The optimal architecture of a total, continuous learning environment
  • The factors that training executives need to measure when evaluating ROI
  • The top 5 traps that inhibit virtual training ROI—and how to overcome them