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This whitepaper authored by 3GS, Market-Partners and CSO Insights draws on in-depth research to challenge the notion that sales forecasting is a zero value-add exercise in reporting and reposition it as a vital business management process.

Whitepaper Excerpt

The current state of the art of sales forecasting is somewhat surprising given the increased importance and attention being placed on this topic. What we discovered, to put it mildly, was that for the majority of companies, forecasting continues to be a nightmare, and is actually moving from bad to worse. For example, in the companies surveyed, of all sales opportunities that are forecasted to close, less than half (45.9%) result in a win. Further, our research showed that, as companies try to impose rigor into their sales forecasting approaches the results are usually limited to simply adding to the administrative burden of the sales force with no measurable increase in forecast accuracy.

Our research discovered that many of the commonly found approaches to sales forecasting are either inherently flawed, or lack a number of the fundamentals that must underlie any successful forecasting process. By examining these approaches, however, and by understanding forecasting fundamentals, we are able to present a framework for a best-practice approach to sales forecasting.

Perhaps the most significant point discussed in this paper is the fact that in most companies, the sales forecasting process is essentially a zero value-add exercise in reporting. We discovered, however, that a best-practice forecasting process not only accurately projects future sales, but also provides the very basis for organizational learning and individual coaching, and as such becomes a vital business management process.

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