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This whitepaper authored by 3GS examines why there's a lack of consistent and effective coaching being practiced in most organizations. It then looks at the popular, and wrong, impressions of coaching, and then moves on to supply the framework not only for overcoming these perceptions, but also for overcoming the "natural" barriers to coaching itself.

Whitepaper Excerpt

Individuals do not arrive on the job “coaching-ready,” but generally have a number of preconceptions about what coaching means and their own ability to practice it. It is only by understanding the common myths about coaching that these preconceptions can be overcome. When these myths are not directly called out and managed they tend to impede the successful adoption of effective coaching within the organization. Most organizations we work with consider that they already understand and support the basics of coaching, and many managers believe that they are already practicing effective coaching. In fact, they often see themselves as good coaches, largely because coaching is now an expected trait in managers and leaders. In reality, when we ask their subordinates, and conduct an objective assessment into organizational coaching practices, a different picture emerges.

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