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This whitepaper authored by 3GS challenges the very notion of a sales funnel, showing instead why a healthy sales pipeline is NOT a funnel and how you can take advantage of a proper pipeline to create more business.

Whitepaper Excerpt

Is there anything more fundamental in sales and sales management than the “sales funnel?” It has been the mainstay of selling since the first lead was identified and progressed into a successful closed order.

This article takes all previous thinking about managing the sales funnel and proves them hopelessly incorrect. From sales professionals, to sales managers, in start-ups or industry giants, from sales training companies to CRM technology providers—they are all wrong.

Let’s look at this a little closer, and bear with me through the logic—I promise it will be worthwhile. The secret is all about flow. Sales opportunities flow through the funnel, or let’s start calling it a pipeline, rather than being static. For example, if you started a year with 300 leads, and nothing else, in the example above, 85 days later you would have your required eight orders. Those 300 leads flow through the pipeline and, again using the above assumptions, five days later, 60 of them have become qualified prospects. Like the proverbial python eating the pig, those sales opportunities would flow through the sales pipeline to eventually become eight orders 85 days later.

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