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This whitepaper authored by 3GS upends traditional thinking on pipeline planning and equips sales managers and sales people with concrete strategies to gain greater leverage in the sales pipeline.

Whitepaper Excerpt

Imagine this scenario: you’re a sales manager. It’s month-end, quarter-end or year-end. You’re 85% to plan. And you need your team to close some deals…and fast. Where do you look? Most likely, it’s at the end of your sales pipeline, where your late-stage opportunities sit.

This approach only makes sense. It’s extremely unlikely that you could take an early-stage opportunity and close it quickly enough to make your numbers. Unfortunately, month-end comes with the alarming frequency of every four weeks (more or less). Similarly, quarter-end comes every three months. The downside of relying on late-stage opportunities to fill the gap in your sales plan is that you’ll always be scrambling, focusing on short-term pressures and gains instead of cultivating the pipeline that will turn today’s leads into tomorrow’s customers.

So what’s the solution? Simple: for a moment, forget everything you thought you knew about pipeline management. In this whitepaper, we show you how you can dramatically increase sales effectiveness and results by leveraging the full sales pipeline.

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