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Originally published in the American Society for Training and Development's (ASTD's) T+D magazine, this article authored by 3GS Principal & Founder Martyn Lewis makes the case for why virtual training's days of playing second fiddle to physical, event-based training are over.

Whitepaper Excerpt

The live virtual classroom leverages a web-based platform to deliver live, instructor-led training to geographically dispersed learners. It eliminates the need for learners to dedicate large blocks of time—sometimes days on end—to training that takes them away from their jobs and swamps them with new information that they won’t be able to retain or apply. (We call this phenomenon
“drinking from the fire hose.”)

By way of example, a two-day physical training event can often be condensed into five 75-minute modules delivered over time, which reduces time in training by about 40 percent and allows for content to be “drip fed” in more manageable chunks. Even more exciting than the speed, the cost savings and convenience of the live virtual classroom are its unique strengths: We can now bring together entire teams for just an hour or two per week, and we can bring content experts into the classroom for just a few minutes.

But there is an important distinction to make between the live virtual classroom and other types of training. The live virtual classroom involves more than simply translating the same training content delivered in the physical classroom to the Internet or even in a webinar. To be truly effective, live virtual training has to be designed from the ground up as a completely unique style of learning experience. This necessitates building programs based on applied best practices—such as keeping classes small, designing instruction in short modules, and using multimedia—
that maximize the strengths of the virtual medium while minimizing its inherent challenges.

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