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This whitepaper authored by 3GS examines the key challenges facing learning and development leaders today, then moves on to outline the five most crucial elements of truly effective virtual training program.

Whitepaper Excerpt

Training and development professionals everywhere are being asked to do more with less. According to Training magazine’s 2009 Industry Report, total training expenditures in 2009 declined 7% from 2008 and almost 60% of organizations asked employees involved in training to take pay cuts. Many of those organizations reduced the total number of staff in their training departments. Total investment per learner also dropped sharply between 2007 and 2009—about 15%. Meanwhile, the pressure to provide employees with new approaches and tools to keep them competitive amidst the global economic crisis was more intense than ever.

Without a doubt, the economy was (and continues to be) a major contributing factor to this simultaneous reduction in training resources and expectation of greater results. It could also be symptomatic of a growing recognition that event-based classroom training—which, when you factor in travel costs and time out of the field, can be quite expensive—fails to help workers excel in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

But contemplating the forces that got us to this point won’t do a thing to solve the new challenge facing the training and
development community: Save money. Save time. And produce measurable, sustainable results for the organization.

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