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This whitepaper authored by 3GS examines the key challenges facing learning and development leaders today—namely, money, time and results—and shows how live, instructor-led virtual training offers organizations an optimal training solution that reduces cost and implementation time while increasing training impact.

Whitepaper Excerpt

For the past two years, we’ve heard the same prognosis from L&D research firms, conference keynote speakers, bloggers and in-the-trenches corporate learning executives: shrinking budgets and shifting organizational priorities are challenging training organizations to do more with less.

According to Bersin & Associates’ Corporate Learning Factbook 20101, training organizations cut L&D expenditures by an average of 11% in 2009—on top of an 11% cut in 2008. They also reduced training headcount by an average of 5% in 2009, with large organizations cutting an average of 8% of training staff. These reductions in expenditure and headcount crossed industries, with manufacturing and banking/financial services taking the hardest hits.

In this harsh environment, the mantra has become: “Save Money. Save time. And (somehow) increase ROI for the organization.” Saving money and time is the easy part. Squeezing more out of your shrinking investment? Now that’s another story.

But don’t panic! Necessity is the mother of invention, and many training organizations are responding to this seemingly impossible set of circumstances by radically rethinking their approach to training. And a handful of training companies are stepping up to the challenge, offering their L&D clients innovative training solutions that are big on results while costing less and decreasing ramp-up time.

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