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Problem Solving and Decision Making | Business Management | Training Programs

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Program Name


Problem Solving and Decision Making

Who Should Attend

Anyone with the responsibility for directly, or indirectly, managing others

Course Description

Problem solving and decision making are both central to the role of any manager in the organization.  Managers are continually asked to solve problems and make decisions, the results of which could impact their company significantly.  Yet how many of these individuals are equipped with formal processes or best practices to tackle these tasks?  This Learning Element, which can be delivered as a standalone program or integrated with other Learning Elements, explores these topics and provides proven methods to approach both problem solving and decision-making tasks. 

The Learning Element further explores the most common challenges and circumstances that lead to compromised performance, such as solving the wrong problem, the Abilene Paradox, decision by committee, and making the popular decision versus the right one.
The Work Assignment between the two modules affords participants the opportunity to immediately implement new approaches and then share their observations with both their peers and the facilitation team.

Participants will leave the program with the understanding and ability to apply a consistent approach to a broad array of business situations where they have problems to solve and decisions to make.


Two 75-minute live virtual modules, typically delivered one per week, and each followed by a Work Assignment of about 45 to 60 minutes



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