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Program Name


Creating and Communicating Persuasive Business Arguments

Course Description

Many business communications and presentations lack persuasiveness because they are not focused enough on their target audience.  The same presentation often is used to communicate across different parts of the organization as well as different levels within the organization.

This program takes participants through a holistic process for developing and delivering highly effective and persuasive presentations, and communicating with maximum impact.  The program first explores the importance of understanding one’s audience and leveraging an internal “discovery network” to identify the key concerns of those who are to receive the communication.  Next participants learn how to develop a specific objective for the communication.

Once the objective has been laid out, the focus shifts to the developing the story, which with a set of headlines that immediately gain the attention of the audience.  A tool for selecting the best headlines is introduced and the audience is provided with tips and traps for creating effective headlines, and well as ensuring that the communication is properly focused.
Next, tools and methods for developing an effective story are provided.  Once the story has been crafted, participants are shown how to structure the story into an effective presentation that is tailored to the target audience.  This is where tips and traps for selecting the right content are provided, along with a discussion of how to separate presentation content from supporting materials and documentation.

Lastly, communication and presentation techniques themselves are covered.  Reading one’s audience, and handling objections and interruptions are covered as well as more advanced topics such as presentation time management.  Participants will take away a new perspective on communicating and presenting more effectively, and the ability to turn information into deliverable insight.


Five 75-minute live virtual modules, typically delivered one per week, and each followed by a Work Assignment of about 45 to 60 minutes



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