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Program Name


Developing a Strategic Approach to Sales Training

Who Should Attend

Individuals within organizations engaged in business-to-business sales seeking to develop a strategic approach to providing the training required to enable optimal performance across the changing needs of today's sales organizations

Course Description

This program builds upon the recent ASTD Research Document "Accelerating Revenue through Learning: Develop Sales Teams that Win" and utilizes the Sales Competency Model as published in World Class Selling. The program is a hands-on course where participants will be introduced to a series of best in class approaches that will enable them not only to create their own architecture for continuous learning, but to truly partner with the sales executive to determine, and deliver upon, those training components that will enable a higher level of sales performance.


Four 75-minute live virtual modules, typically delivered one per week

Program Objectives
  • Move beyond tactical training to designing and enabling a continuous learning environment that provides both the informational and transitional components required for enhanced sales performance.
  • Enable those responsible for the design and provision of sales training to work collaboratively with the sales executive to:
    • Effectively diagnose inhibitors to optimal sales performance
    • Develop high impact methods to deliver the requisite sales skills and behaviors for increased performance
Learning Outcomes
  As a result of participating in this program, participants will be able to:
  • Articulate the role and value of sales training to the organization
  • Align the sales training plan to the business goals of the organization
  • Develop and utilize a comprehensive understanding of the target market’s buying process to determine the requisite selling behaviors
  • Lead and collaborate discussion in determining an overall selling strategy for a sales force
  • Design an overall Sales Performance Architecture that delineates the required sales competencies, enablers, and processes for optimal performance
  • Leverage the Sales Competency Model to determine the current and requisite selling behaviors across the organization
  • Rank and prioritize the training and developmental needs of the organization
  • Understand the relative strengths and merits of different delivery modalities
  • Design a Continuous Learning Architecture matching and leveraging different delivery modalities and approaches to provide the required organizational and individual training in the most effective manner
  • Establish and measure metrics that link investments in sales training to business impact



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